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Superpower Challenge

Superpower (noun): a skill, personal trait, or passion that plays an important role in your life, helps you do good in the world, and makes you feel special, happy, and confident. 

People have many superpowers in their lives. How can you help kids discover one of theirs?

In honor of this year’s Children’s Book Week Theme, Reading is a Superpower, we have created the Superpower Challenge. Kids can discover a new passion or reaffirm a current interest by exploring activities divided into various categories.


How it Works

How to facilitate the challenge:

  • Tell kids the categories and ask them which topics they are already interested in and which topics they want to learn more about. 
  • Take a look at the various activities. Which ones look challenging? Which ones look like fun? Which ones encourage exploration of something totally new and different?
  • Help kids complete one or more of the activities that stand out to them. They can complete as many as they want to discover new interests/hobbies and confirm their passion for others.
  • Take a look at the superpowers of some of our friends who make books. These can help guide kids in deciding what their own superpower is. Coming Soon!
  • Have a printer?: download our certificate and badge for your young superhero! (coming soon)
  • Want a superpower included on our National Map? Share one or a group of superpowers via this online form.


Superpower Activities

Many activities can be done without supervision, depending on age. Activities can be done individually or in a group. Feel free to adjust to fit your circumstances. 

An activity list for each theme as well as booklists are available below. 

Young people can begin this challenge in April and continue through Children’s Book Week in May.


Science STEM PageScience and STEM
The Arts PageThe Arts
Social Activism PageSocial Activism
Community Engagement PageCommunity Engagement
Identity Cutlure PageIdentity and Culture
Environment Climate PageEnvironment and Climate
Physical Fitness Sport PagePhysical Fitness and Sports
Humanities PageThe Humanities
Mental Health Wellness PageMental Health and Wellness

Superpower Booklists

These booklists about superpowers can give ideas, inspiration, or be simply entertaining:

Thank you to our friends at The Brown Bookshelf for contributing titles to these lists featuring diverse characters, creators, and topics.

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