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Every Child a Reader is an award-winning, nonprofit organization that celebrates the powerful impact books have on young people through some of the longest-running and largest reading outreach programs in the country. We believe introducing children to the magic of reading is hero’s work. We support a diverse network of heroes — including educators, caregivers, librarians, and booksellers — by connecting book creators with communities, providing literacy tools and resources, and championing young people’s voices.

Every Child a Reader was originally created to take over the planning and execution of Children’s Book Week. In 2008, the organization was greatly expanded with the introduction of the National Ambassador for Young People Literature program (in partnership with the Library of Congress) as well as the addition of a national awards program, The Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards, now the Kids’ Book Choice Awards. All three of these programs have grown in leaps and bounds over the years, reaching millions of young readers and the heroes who work with them directly every day.

2017 saw the introduction of the Anna Dewdney Read Together Award, in partnership with Penguin Young Readers. In 2018, the Get Caught Reading program was entrusted to us by the AAP and has since expanded from a once-a-year poster release, to a year-round program highlighting book creators, public figures, athletes, and celebrities, “caught reading” their favorite books.

In 2021 Every Child a Reader was honored with an Eric Carle Honors Angel Award.

We continue to expand or current programing and look to new partnerships to further support the network of heroes sharing books with young people and to give those young people a voice in finding stories that resonate with them and sharing their own.

The staff of the Children’s Book Council manages all Every Child a Reader programming.

Check out past programs and resources on our Archive page.

The Children’s Book Council

The Children’s Book Council is the nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers in North America, dedicated to supporting the industry and promoting children’s books and reading. Our work includes educational programming for employees of our member publishers, collaborative projects with other national organizations, and literacy initiatives that highlight the quality and variety of children’s literature available today.

Established in 1945 to oversee the celebration of Children’s Book Week, the Children’s Book Council has since evolved into an active and vibrant advocate for the children’s publishing industry.

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