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Club No Rules Just Read

Anyone, anywhere can celebrate Children’s Book Week. This year we invite you to join CLUB NO RULES JUST READ. How do you join? You read!

That’s right…all you need to do is read something during the week, and you are in! Of course, you can do more than that, we have some fun resources and ideas if you and your friends, family, or community want to go big.

The No Rules Rules

  • Read a book (or magazine, or audiobook, or comic, or newspaper, or poem, or instruction manual, or…) sometime during Children’s Book Week. 
  • Read for 5 minutes…no, no, 30 minutes… no, no, an hour. Ok, just read for however long you can/want
  • Read alone
  • Read with a friend
  • Read to a friend
  • Read to a group
  • Read in silence in a group
  • Read a book you have never read, or read a book you have read too many times to count
  • Read the same thing as everyone else, or something different
  • Pick the weirdest place you can think of to read
  • Pick the most comfortable place you can think of to read
  • Read outside…or inside
  • Read upside down, or read an upside down book
  • Read fast, then slow, then fast again

Above all, HAVE FUN!

Sophie Blackall Explains It All

Watch this video to learn more about the Club and how you can join in!

Club Badge

Whatever you do, make sure everyone knows you are in the club with this badge. Post it online and use #ClubNoRulesJustRead, or make this into a button, coloring page, iron-on badge, or whatever you want!

Spread the Word

Let other people know about the Club with this handy info-flyer! Print the flyer or share it on social media.

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