Spring Book Week 2021

Children’s Book Week, established in 1919, is not only a celebration of books, but of connection. It is a vehicle to unite kids and adults with books, authors, and illustrators in order to foster a love of reading. We are inspired by educators, librarians, booksellers, parents and caregivers and the creative ways they find to connect with kids everyday. Because of that we have created a more engaging Children’s Book Week experience for all in 2021!

We invite everyone to celebrate with us May 3-9 at home, online, and in whatever setting is appropriate for your community.

Pledge to Participate, receive posters and access to free materials!

Slogan, Artists, and Materials

2021 CBW PosterEach year a slogan is created to shape materials and celebration ideas, and a beloved artist is chosen to exemplify that slogan in our official Children’s Book Week poster.

The 2021 slogan is Reading is a Superpower, and award-winning author and illustrator Bryan Collier is the poster art creator!

The poster, along with many other materials will be released in March.

  • Exclusive new bookmarks with activities by children’s book superstars  Angela Dominguez, Paola Escobar, Ebony Glenn, Oliver Jeffers, and Aram Kim.
  • The Superpower Challenge Kit (read more below).
  • Step-by-step drawing instructions from beloved illustrators
  • Videos, exclusive drawings, poems, and more from your favorite kids book creators.


Superpower Challenge

Help Kids Discover Their Superpower!

2021 CBW CertificateKids of all ages can participate on their own, with adults, or in groups to complete activities that will help them discover what their superpower is. Activities will be divided into themed categories like STEM, The Arts, and Social Activism. Through these activities, readers of all ages can see what they are drawn to and create a superpower that best expresses their passions and skills.

Materials will include a certificate and badge, some superpower examples from beloved book creators, and themed booklists. Kids who complete activities and decide on their superpower will be added to an interactive map (COPPA compliant).

We cannot wait to see the superpowers of kids across the nation!

All materials will be available in March.

Pledge to Participate

2021 PledgeSchools, libraries, bookstores, educators, and parents are invited to pledge to participate in our May 3-9 celebration. Those who pledge will receive two of Bryan Collier’s stunning posters! This is the first year we are able to mail posters directly to homes.

What does it mean to pledge? It means that you will engage with kids during Children’s Book Week, encouraging them to read, talk about books, connect with book creators, and more. The sky is the limit on how you can be involved in encouraging a life-long love of reading. Those who pledge will receive first access to all our materials which can inspire and guide your celebration.

Pledge Here!

More Resources and FAQs

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Tons of downloadable bookmarks, activities, and more for 2020 Book Week events. 2021 materials coming soon!

Press release templates, logos, and more for promoting 2020 Children's Book Week. 2021 resources coming soon!

Resources for our November 9-15, 2020 Book Week. Spring 2021 resources coming soon!

Information about our partners.

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