Book Week Jingle

Sing Along with the Official Children’s Book Week Song

It was such an honor to be contacted by Annie Lynn, President and Chief Composer at AnnieBirdd Music, LLC about a song she created for Children’s Book Week. This delightful jingle is now our official song! Watch the lovely lyric video, read more about how music can lead to greater literacy in young readers, and find out more about a classroom opportunity with Flip.

Lyric Video

Classroom Contest with Flip

Try the Children’s Book Week Jingle Challenge using Flip, a free video discussion app used in hundreds of schools around the country.

Step 1: Students can learn the song by listening to the lyric video while “reading” along as the words light up.

Step 2: Rehearse the jingle individually, in small groups, or as a class.

Step 3: Join the Flip Group that Annie Lynn created. Record a response by singing along with the lyric video as an individual or group of students.

Use this link/code to join the Group and add your video to the challenge page

(NOTICE: Students will be asked to join this Flip Group by using their email. This allows them to participate as a guest without Flip Account.)

(ADDITIONAL NOTE: You will need to play the music from an alternate source like a phone or tablet while recording.)

If you are a minor, please ask a guardian for help or permission to participate. If you wish to remove a recording, you can do so easily by visiting

Learn more about music as a literacy tool

A blog post by Annie Lynn and Tonnye Williams Fletcher (K-2nd grade music teacher and author) introduces the idea of music as an engaging and inspiring literacy tool for young readers of all ages. See this excerpt and read more on the CBC Blog.

For emergent readers, listening repetitively can bring a familiarity with the song. As they continue to listen, and watch the lyrics light up, they sort of “back into reading,” much the same way a toddler will memorize the words to a favorite story, and point to the page that each word is on, pretending to read. Eventually, students begin to recognize unfamiliar words and discover patterns and then you have a child singing AND reading.

How does singing benefit early literacy skills? An article entitled “Using Music to Teach Early Literacy Skills” from Capstone Publishing, written by Literacy Teacher Ginger Dohmen Thacker, lists some encouraging reasons to incorporate singing into lessons, thus laying the groundwork for a successful learning environment that will be enjoyable for many.

Read more.

More about Annie Lynn

Annie Lynn, President and Chief Composer at AnnieBirdd Music, LLC, began writing songs when she was 14 years old, while acting in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” with the Germantown Theater Guild in Philadelphia. Asked to write “a nature song” by the show’s director, Annie wrote “Listen,” and the song and the show were subsequently filmed and shown on CBS.

Annie’s children’s singles, “That’s All There Is,” “Listen – a nature song” “STOP THAT! – A Bullying Prevention Song” and “New School” have been featured and favorably reviewed on the Peabody Award-winning children’s radio program “Kids Corner with Kathy O’Connell” on Philadelphia’s WXPN, with rebroadcasts on Sirius Radio. The songs remain in rotation.

A Collaboration between Annie and songwriter/engineer/producer Chris Arms, recently produced a multi award winning CD called “Annie Lynn, Chris Arms and Friends…No Time for Hate and other Songs for Schools.” This CD is ideal for schools, choirs and homeschoolers especially, and contains karaoke versions of the songs for assemblies, and offers youtube video links with practice videos and lyrics.

Learn more about Annie Lynn.

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