Bookmarks 2008 – Present


In 2008 it became an annual tradition of Children’s Book Week to work with esteemed children’s book illustrators on special bookmarks for the celebration. Over the years, this resource has evolved to include multiple creators each year, some with activities included. You can see the year’s current creators here.


Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo, Spring | Fall
Lian Cho, Spring | Fall
K. O’Neill, Spring | Fall
JeyOdin, Spring | Fall
Briana Mukodiri Uchendu, Spring | Fall


Vincent Chen, Spring | Fall
Mercé Galì, Spring | Fall
Kathrin Honesta, Spring | Fall
Zachariah OHora, Spring | Fall
Roozeboos, Spring | Fall
Loveis Wise, Spring | Fall


Angela Dominguez, Spring | Fall
Ebony Glenn, Spring | Fall
Aram Kim, Spring | Fall
Paola Escobar, Spring | Fall
Oliver Jeffers, Spring | Fall


Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Spring | Fall
Fan Brothers, Spring | Fall
Michaela Goade, Spring | Fall
John Parra, Spring | Fall
Sydney Smith, Spring | Fall
Duncan Tonatiuh, Spring | Fall


Selina Alko & Sean Qualls, Spring | Fall
Vera Brosgol, Spring | Fall
Jason Chin, Spring | Fall
Ekua Holmes, Spring | Fall
Juana Medina, Spring | Fall
Jessie Sima, Spring | Fall


Sophie Blackall
Leo Espinosa
Vashti Harrison
Felicita Sala
Don Tate


Ekua Holmes
Yuyi Morales
LeUyen Pham
Sonja Wimmer


Cece Bell, 2016
Raúl Colón, 2015
Steve Jenkins, 2014
Grace Lin, 2013
Lane Smith, 2012
Jeff Kinney, 2011
Sara Varon, 2010
Dan Yaccarino, 2009
Gene Yang, 2008


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