About Fairplay

FairplayFounded in 2000 by Dr. Susan Linn and a group of educators, health care professionals, and parents, Fairplay has built a powerful movement to end exploitive marketing to children and promote a modern childhood shaped by what’s best for kids, not corporate profits. Our advocacy is grounded in the overwhelming evidence that child-targeted marketing undermines healthy development.

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About Screen-Free Week

Founded as TV-Turn Off Week in 1994, Screen-Free Week has created international awareness of how we relate to screens, our world and each other. Reducing children’s screen time has become a national concern, with regular stories in major news outlets. Reducing children’s screen time reduces their exposure to advertising but also teaches them to unplug and plug into activities, relationships and life! Screen-Free Week is a program of Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood.

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100 Awesome ideas for Screen-Free, reading-related fun!


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