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Fall Celebration

In tribute to the history of Children’s Book Week, a second week of celebrations will take place this fall, November 4-10. We invite schools, school and public libraries, and after school programs to take part.

Are you a bookstore that is interested in participating? We encourage you to team up with a school or after school program to help them with programming or bringing in an author or illustrator to interact directly with students!

Locations that sign up will receive:

  • A specially created Educator Kit: group and solo activities designed to get kids talking about the history of children’s books and their current favorites and inviting them to create their own stories and illustrations. This kit will encourage connection, collaboration and creation.
  • Inclusion in our national promotional campaign: locations will be highlighted on social media, on our website, and through national press releases.
  • Details of a book giveaway. Students can help your classroom/library win a box of books.

Locations that sign up will be required to:

  • Have at least one event during the week of November 4-10 that highlights Children’s Book Week, utilizing elements from the educator kit. Uses of our official logo is requested but not required.
  • Share a short description of your event with us and provide a brief quote/testimonial about how the event inspired the kids in your care.

Sign up is now closed for our Fall celebration. Locations are still welcome to participate by printing materials for themselves from our website! Find everything here.

Email Shaina.Birkhead@CBCBooks.org with questions.


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