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Children’s Book Week 100th Anniversary Educator Kit

Since 1919, kids and adults have celebrated their favorite books and stories during Children’s Book Week. Now, 100 years later, Every Child a Reader invites you to celebrate with this BRAND NEW Educator Kit, created especially for the November 2019 Book Week and sponsored by BOOK IT!

Our November week of celebrations is specifically targeted at engaging students in schools, libraries, and after-school programs across the country. The Educator Kit was created with these groups in mind and the activities and prompts can be used with kids in elementary and middle school.

This kit is divided into three sections (past, present, and future) that emphasize the history of Children’s Book Week while allowing students to engage with and share their current favorite books, and think about their future story. This kit does not highlight specific titles. It is our hope that these activities and resources can be utilized by educators no matter what you have planned in your curriculum.

Read Now • Read Forever: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future

Read Now • Read Forever Educator Kit

The History of Children’s Book Week: A Timeline

Proudly Sponsored by BOOK IT!

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