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September 4, 2020

Connecting with and supporting our amazing community of teachers, school & public librarians, booksellers, and readers is more important than ever — we are inspired every day by the work you do to create life-long readers. This is why, we are excited to share a monthly newsletter with you in support of your efforts to stay connected and provide resources to engage kids around books.

This newsletter will be brief and contain links to information and resources created by Every Child a Reader, The Children’s Book Council, CBC Members, and partners. Check out a sample of our first newsletter below, and if you would like to subscribe please sign up here.

Resources and News for You!

  • National Ambassador for Young People Literature Jason Reynolds is connecting with kids online through his “Write. Right. Rite.” video series as well as a monthly GRAB THE MIC newsletter.
  • We are excited to celebrate Children’s Book Week in the fall — November 9-15. Stay tuned for the release of new materials and activities to help you celebrate online and at home.
  • It can be hard to sift through the multitude of materials available online around children’s books, so we’ve created a one-stop-shop for free resources for specific books, characters, and themes. Find educator kits, videos, activity kits, and more at our At-Home resources hub.
  • Read the delightful Q&A with Jordan Ifueko, author of Raybearer on the CBC Diversity section of our blog.

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