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The items below are all for our 2019 celebrations. 2020 resources coming in February!

Press release templates, event kits, logos, and email signatures!

For traditional media, social media, and digital communications, all event locations and other Book Week supporters can use these essential tools.

Just right-click and save! For hi-res images please download them from our Dropbox here. If you need even higher-res please e-mail us.

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Event Kits

• All downloadable resources for schools, libraries, and bookstores in this Dropbox folder.
Press release template for official event locations.

Become a Children’s Book Week Champion

CBW-champShow your support for the transformative power of literacy by becoming a Children’s Book Week Champion!

Place the badge(s) below on your website or blog and link to, then Tweet/Facebook post this:

Join me in becoming a @EveryChildRead Children’s Book Week Champion, celebrating children’s books and the joy of reading! #BookWeek100

Post on your blog or website about Book Week and how you’ll be celebrating!

Email Signatures

Let friends and associates know that it’s Book Week.

CBW100 logo dates   Email Signature 1
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Children’s Book Week Logo

Link this image to from your website or blog to direct young readers to information on Children’s Book Week. Just right-click and save!

CBW logo Sq      CBW logo Sq
CBW logo Sq May      CBW logo Sq May

CBW logo horiz May      CBW logo horiz May

Children’s and Teen’s Choice Book Awards Logos

Link these images to from your website or blog to direct young readers to the Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards. Just right-click and save!

CBW logo     CBW Teen

Social Media Book Week 100 Campaign

Part of our mission during this anniversary year is to get as many people as possible talking about their favorite books and stories. We see this as an amazing opportunity to connect with people, young and old. Please join us in a brand new campaign focused on storytelling through the lens of character archetypes. Partners, publishers, and readers, help us share exciting conversations on books, characters, stories, and more all year long!

Find all the images here and full details of the different character archetypes. We will introduce a new archetype every 4 to 5 weeks.

  • We are starting off with one that will get everyone talking, #TheHero.
  • Let’s continue with friends, sidekicks, and all great companions, #TheCompanion.
  • Help us share your favorite villains and anti-heroes with #TheVillain.
  • We’ve all got an inner rebel! Share the most inspiring ones with #TheRebel.
  • Share our favorite tricksters and jokers with #TheTrickster.
  • We all relate to great coming of age stories, use #ComingOfAge to share.
  • Share with us those great characters with the creator and artistic spark, #TheCreator.
  • Let’s talk about those wise men and women who have been our guides on and off the page, #TheMentor.

The Mentor

More Resources and FAQs

Everything you need to know about our upcoming celebration!

Downloadable bookmarks, activities, and more for 2024 Book Week events coming soon.

What is Children’s Book Week and how can you join in the celebrations?

Explore the amazing themes, materials, and events of the past.

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