In Translation Activities

This year’s theme, Read. Dream. Share., has been translated into 12 languages. We have created different activities you can do with each language. If you finish with these, adapt any activity to any of the languages. Share at home or with us all by posting on social media using #BookWeek2020atHome.


Drawing skills — Choose a language and make a drawing for it. Think of what the country or region is known for and start there. Don’t forget to use the text in the image.

  • See Hawaiian, Telugu, and French for inspiration

Tracing words — Carefully trace the words Read. Dream. Share in another language to learn it and explore your artistic skills.

  • Start with Dutch, Portuguese, and Somali.

Spelling play  Print and cut out all the letters. Then use them as memory game by putting them back together on a desk, on the floor, or on a wall to spell out the words of the theme.

  • Hmong, German, and Spanish will start you off.

Writing practice — Learn to write in another language with the lined pages. You can copy the sample words as they are or get creative!

  • We started the Vietnamese, Italian, and Samoan ones for you.

Crosswords — Enjoy these two crosswords using all the translated words. Tip: check them all out in the traveling stamps page we have for you!


You can use any of the templates to start your own activity in the language you prefer! (Download these instructions)


Language Stamps PageLanguage Stamps
Vietnamese PageVietnamese
Crossword 1 PageCrossword 1 (Answer Key)
Italian PageItalian
Crossword 2 PageCrossword 2 (Answer Key)
Samoan PageSamoan
Hmong PageHmong
Dutch PageDutch
German PageGerman
Portuguese PagePortuguese
Spanish PageSpanish
Somali PageSomali
Hawaiian PageHawaiian
Telugu PageTelugu
French PageFrench

Click on each image to download and print.

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