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All of our 2020 resources for you to explore under Archive! 2021 items will be released February through April!

May 3-9

Spring 2021



CBW 2021 poster2021 Poster

This year's official poster designed by Bryan Collier



Art by illustrators to be announced

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Coloring Pages2020 Coloring Pages

Art by wonderful illustrators to be announced

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Slogan in Translation

Activities in 12 language

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Educator Kit

2021 Educator Kit

Activities for Reading is a Superpower

From Partners

Partner ResourcesPartner Resources

ws Download 2021 Resources To Come

What is Children’s Book Week and how can you join in the celebrations?

Tons of downloadable bookmarks, activities, and more for 2020 Book Week events. 2021 materials coming soon!

Press release templates, logos, and more for promoting 2020 Children's Book Week. 2021 resources coming soon!

Resources for our November 9-15, 2020 Book Week. Spring 2021 resources coming soon!

Information about our partners.