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Today is a time of great disruption and, hopefully, change. People around the world are finding their voices and using them to speak up for what they believe in or to discuss their experiences. Children and teens are among them, reckoning with unfolding events that greatly affect them and adjusting to new schedules and realities. Kids are eager to discuss and share ideas, to ask questions and learn from new sets of circumstances. Helping them feel comfortable sharing their stories and encouraging them to see value in those of their peers will activate empathy and mental strength that will stay with them as they move forward.

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Due to the current changes in our way of life, my approach as Ambassador has had to change, too. My role and goal is to get young people to express themselves and see value in their own narratives, and since I can’t, at the moment, physically come to them, I’ve created the ‘Write. Right. Rite.’ video series—short clips that offer fun and engaging prompts to help spark young people’s imaginations, which in turn will spark their expression.” – Jason Reynolds, 2020/2021 National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature

“Write. Right. Rite.” video series and resources

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