Fun Stuff

Everything you need to make your school, store, or library event a hit with kids, teens, and parents.

Original bookmarks created this year by five artists! Activity pages! An original graphic novel! And more.

2019 resources will be released in late 2018 and early 2019!


Partner Activities2018 Available Now

Partner Activities


CBW 2017 poster2018 Available Now

The official 2018 Children’s Book Week poster designed by Jillian Tamaki!


2018 Available Now

Bookmarks by Sophie Blackall, Leo Espinosa, Vashti Harrison, Felicita Sala, and Don Tate!

Comic Book

Graphic Novel2018 Available Now

Downloadable Children's Book Week Comic Book!

For Schools

Light bulb2018 Available Now

For Libraries

Libraries2018 Available Now

For Bookstores

Bookstore2018 Available Now

Display Contest

Display Contest2018 Contest Information

What is Children’s Book Week and how can you join in the celebrations?

Press release templates, logos, and more for promoting 2018 Children's Book Week and the Book Awards.

Tons of downloadable bookmarks, activities, and more for 2018 Book Week events!

Available now: Participating 2018 Children's Book Week locations!

Information about our partners.

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